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Enrich your soil the way Nature intended!

Horticulturalist Robyn Dolgin

Your soil should be teeming with life. And the best way to nourish it is with our 100% organic vermicompost from redworms. At Good Earth Worms, we sell composting worms, screened castings, and do-it-yourself kits to help you grow healthier, more productive plants - naturally!

Worm compost is an ideal soil amendmentment, improving texture, tilth, moisture retention and fertility. Worm castings contain a wide array of beneficial soil microbes that help plants resist pests and disease pathogens.

We'll help you get started composting with worms so you, too, can divert organic materials from landfills, reduce or eliminate chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and return valuable nutrients to the soil!

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Robyn Dolgin, Wild Iris Living, www.wildirisliving.com.

Worm Factory 360

Why let kitchen scraps go to waste? The Worm Factory 360® makes indoor vermicomposting easy!

  • Worms migrate into new  trays so harvesting castings is simple
  • Add trays to increase productivity as the population grows
  • Built-in spigot lets you drain excess moisture
  • Thermometer, tools &  accessories
  • Complete "how-to" guide, DVD + worm care tips
  • Bedding and coconut fibers to get you started!

Worm Factory $139.95 plus shipping! For more info on the Worm Factory 360 click here

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